Arts and Culture

  • "Bterram" by Professor Semaan Salem (Arabic)
  • "Life’s Call" by Dr Rabih Jabbour (English)
  • "House of the High Mountain or "Bet Tur Ram" by Dr Aksam Merched (Arabic)
  • "The wild beauty of Bterram"  Picture by Dr Aksam Merched
  • Hymn to Khalil Salem's School by Father Nicholas Malek (Arabic)
"Bterram" by Professor Semaan
* courtesy of Dr Salem, professor of
Astronomy and Physics at California State
University, Long Beach (USA)
"Touch of Friendship" by Dr Rabih Jabbour*

I don`t know what life can afford,
better than having good people
help keep peace on earth,
and enjoy being  creatures of
magnificent, almighty power.

I don`t know if freedom one day
will confine us from seeing each other,
even in the dreams that  surpass
any boundary of man-made reality.

I don`t imagine a human being
can fearlessly sail, and peacefully
dive in a sea of perilous identity.
I don`t know if one day will come,
and the sky will not enjoy me
looking at its vast beauty.

I don`t know if I can encompass
my memory and squeeze my smile,
to pretend the existence of happiness.

I don`t know if I can visit
the temple of love,
to shower my body and soul
with the sacrifice of honesty and sincerity.

Yet, I know that life will not end
without people encouraging the human
spirit to flood the "friendship`s touch",
to fill every single GAP of our lives.

* Courtesy of Dr Jabbour, a Senior Scientist at Edgewood National Laboratory for Chemical and
Biological research (DC, USA)
"House of the High Moutain" or "Bet Tur Ram" by Dr Aksam Merched*
"The wild beauty of Bterram"  by Dr Aksam Merched

* Dr Merched is Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine
(Houston, TX, USA)
Hymn to Khalil Salem's School by Father Nicholas Malek (Arabic)
Bterram's Cultural Heritage